Accurate facial landmark detection

  • Technology: Deep Learning, Image Segmentation
  • Application: Fever Screening, Dental/Swab Robots, etc
  • Clients: Government, Private Sector, Healthcare, Robotics,...

Semantic Image Segmentation

Sensifai, our parent company, offers 15 advanced deep-learning systems for image and video processing in a partnership with Amazon. A wide range of different tools such as image/video concept recognition and live semantic segmentation models are delivered and over 450 different clients worldwide use our APIs.

iThermAI develops real-time semantic facial image segmentaion. Our addition of thermal cameras could provide more accurate results. For example, the lips contours can be detected more accurately once the mouth is open using the thermal image. Quick real-time eyes segmentation is needed for body temperature measurements in mass fever screening. Autonomous dental or swab robots could use our real-time deep learning-based algorithms to navigate with high accuracy. Our algorithms can deliver real-time performance (> 15 fps) even on low cost hardware such as Nvidia Jetson boards.