Smart Vision

Seeing the unseen !


Happy to celebrate 2022 with getting though the ELISE AI program. The competiton was really fierce. Thanks to the European Horizon 2020 and ELLIS AI network.


iThermAI succeeded to win the Ai4EU call for solutions. The topic is machine vision for an autonomous swab robot. Thanks to the European Horizon 2020 program.

Kick off

iThermAI, an spin-off of Sensifai, officially kicked off in April 2021. Sensifai demonstrates the world's​ most comprehensive video recognition system. Check their Linkdin and Crunchbase page.

About us

We strive to help you see through the new lenses

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Smart Camera

We are a multidisciplinary team of dedicated engineers and scientists delivering SMART thermal imaging solutions. Thermal imaging plus AI is a groundbreaking change, visualizing the world in a new perspective.

iThermAI is an spinoff division of Sensifai. Sensifai offers the state-of-the-art video recognition systems on-cloud, on-prem and on-device. It has been a launch partner of the Amazon Sagemaker platform and serves over 300 clients worldwide.

Our Partners

AI in Thermal Camera

We are using these technologies and devices

  • Uncooled Vanadium Oxide IR Camera
  • Image Processing
  • Thermal Bi-spectrum Camera
  • Deep Learning

Uncooled Vanadium Oxide infrared sensors have been the game changer in thermal imaging industry. Emerging inexpensive IR cameras are the enabling factor to visualize objects through heat perspective.

There is a vast image processing knowhow in working with RGB cameras. The resolution and frame rate of IR cameras are still not comparable to RGB. Thermal image datasets are also limited. Novel methods should be developed to deal with these problems in order to incorporate thermal solutions in real-world applications. For example, synthetic data generation methods are used to convert widely available labelled RGB pictures to thermal datasets. Thus, smart object recognition and tracking appliactions can be deployed using deep learning methods such as convolutional neural networks.

Thermal Bi-spectrum video cameras are widely available nowadays with reasonable prices. We do multi-modal fusion of thermal and optical streams on the edge, for example on an Nvidia Jetson board. Real-time processing on the edge is a niche in the market for various low cost applications including survelliance, robotics and healthcare. Stay tuned to iThermAI in smart thermal vision !


We use cutting edge artificial intelligence and image/video processing techniques to produce custom smart cameras. Whether a fixed 24/7 online remote monitoring solution or a battery powered portable device. Based on the customer needs, we provide the best possible solution to do the processing at the edge or in the cloud.

  • All
  • Agriculture
  • Survelliance
  • Construction

Precision Agriculture

Soil Investigation

Body Temperature

Human / Livestock Body Temperature

Facial Landmark Detection

Real-time facial landmark segmentation


Energy Consumption


Our company is located in Brussels, Belgium


Mechelsesteenweg 455/1006
1950 kraainem


+32 489 00 2283

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